Vitality week of GLS -

Vitality week of GLS




The Netherlands


September 2023

At, we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing high-quality fitness equipment for rent. Our recent collaboration with GLS Netherlands is a perfect example of how fitness equipment can contribute to the well-being and vitality of employees in a company dedicated to the highest quality of service.

GLS Netherlands aims to keep their employees healthy and energized. This is where stepped in. For their Wellness Week, they wanted to organize a series of activities to promote their team’s health, and one of the central elements of this program was the introduction of rowing machines at various locations in the Netherlands. was honored to contribute to GLS Netherlands’ Wellness Week. We delivered and installed a total of 16 high-quality rowing machines at different GLS locations across the Netherlands. Our team of experts ensured that each device was operating optimally, ready for use by GLS employees.

At, we take pride in having been able to contribute to the health and vitality of GLS Netherlands and their employees. We remain committed to providing high-quality fitness equipment for rent and we look forward to future projects to assist companies in achieving their wellness objectives.

If you are interested in renting fitness equipment for your business or event, contact us from We are ready to support your next health and wellness initiative!