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A new office gym for the Pre Fabriek


Pre Fabriek



Recently, in collaboration with Pre Fabriek in Amsterdam, Rental.fitness has brought to life an exceptional project: an office gym, highlighted by the presence of a boxing ring. This addition to the workspace provides employees with a distinctive way to maintain physical activity during their workday.

The project

The motivation behind this initiative was to weave wellness and fitness into the daily office environment at Pre Fabriek. By incorporating a boxing ring as a central feature, we aimed to create a versatile space that promotes both individual exercises and group activities.


  • The boxing ring: Serves as a multi-purpose area for exercise, perfect for boxing training as well as other forms of physical workouts.
  • Fitness equipment: The gym is equipped with a wide range of machines and accessories for a comprehensive workout, covering everything from cardio to strength training.
  • Design: The design seamlessly matches Pre Fabriek’s industrial style, providing ample space for movement and an inspiring atmosphere.


Since its introduction, the gym has been warmly embraced by the employees of Pre Fabriek. It offers a refreshing break during the workday and contributes to both the physical health and team spirit within the company.


The Purpose of an Office Gym

This project was designed to highlight the importance of staying active, even during work hours. Having an accessible fitness space at the office can encourage a healthy lifestyle and help reduce stress.


The project at Pre Fabriek exemplifies our vision of integrating fitness into everyday life. It demonstrates that a simple change, such as adding a gym to the workplace, can significantly affect how employees feel and perform.


We hope this initiative serves as inspiration for other companies to prioritize the well-being of their employees as well. It stands as proof that focusing on workplace wellness is both a feasible and valuable investment.