Opening event of Palo Alto Amsterdam with

Opening of New Palo Alto Office Amsterdam


Palo Alto Amsterdam


The Netherlands


October 2023

Palo Alto Amsterdam wanted to host an unforgettable office opening event while also leaving a positive mark. They conceived a spirited competition between their Amsterdam and London offices. The objective? To collectively cycle as many kilometers as possible for a charitable cause – planting trees for a more sustainable world.

Our Solution brought cycling enthusiasm to Palo Alto’s Amsterdam office. We supplied high-quality spinning bikes, finely tuned for the event. Our team took care of installation and maintenance, allowing participants to cycle without worries for the good cause.

Results and Impact

The event in Amsterdam was an outstanding success:

  • Collective Effort: Colleagues cycled together, reinforcing team spirit and engagement while contributing to a noble cause.
  • Impressive Achievement: The Amsterdam office cycled five times as many kilometers as the London office, a remarkable feat for the charitable cause.
  • Trees Planted: Thanks to the kilometers cycled, a substantial donation was made to the organization that plants trees for a greener future

Our Dedication to Physical Activity and Good Causes

At, we are not only passionate about fitness but also about making a meaningful impact. Our role in supporting this charitable event fills us with pride.

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