Immersive 360° Cycling Experience in Brussels |

Immersive 360° Cycling Experience in Brussels


THX Agency




December 2023

At, we are always seeking innovative ways to combine fitness and technology. In our latest project, we have created an immersive 360° event space at Plein Publiek in Brussels, designed to take 15 distinguished journalists on a virtual cycling tour through the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands.

The set up

Our focus was on simplicity and immersion. For this, a high-quality home trainer was our equipment of choice. Each journalist was provided with one of these state-of-the-art trainers, positioned within a 360° panoramic projection of various Dutch landscapes. As they pedaled, they could experience the beauty of the Netherlands, complete with dynamic visuals and ambient sounds, creating an almost real-life cycling journey.

The Event:

During the event, journalists were invited to cycle while attending a presentation. This unique setup allowed them to engage physically in the cycling experience while intellectually participating in the presentation. The combination of physical activity and immersive visuals made for an engaging and memorable experience.

Our Impact:

The feedback from the journalists was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the innovative approach to experiencing the landscapes of the Netherlands and the unique way of blending a physical activity with an informative presentation. This event not only showcased the capabilities of in creating immersive fitness experiences but also highlighted our commitment to delivering unique and memorable events.

Looking Forward:

This event at Plein Publiek was a testament to the endless possibilities of combining fitness equipment with technology to create unique experiences. is excited to explore more such innovative concepts and to bring them to life for various events and audiences.

If you are looking for an innovative way to elevate your next event, contact us to learn more about our immersive fitness solutions.