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Fitness equipment for medical rehabilitation

At Rental.Fitness we understand that starting a rehabilitation or recovery journey is a massive step. Having access to a safe, familiar and comfortable exercise space can make all the difference, whether this is at your trusted physiotherapy practice or even in the comfort of your own home. Your route to fitness starts here.

Medical rehabilitation takes time and patience. Our aim is to take as much stress & strain away as we can. We will come and install the rental exercise equipment and machines exactly where you want it to be. We can even take care of the initial settings, so you can start at a resistance level that is suitable for your individual (medical) situation or that was recommended to you by your doctor.

Your care practice

Are you looking to rent fitness equipment for a professional physiotherapy practice or medical clinic? We provide a wide range of high-quality Ergo-fit machines and equipment for the care & rehabilitation sector that varies from ellipticals to exercise bicycles to running machines, all of which have a lowered step-in height and varied resistance level options.

Let our trusted medical rehabilitation equipment rental service and personal approach make the difference for your recovery journey. Contact us to get a quotation or if you need more information. You can reach us on 085-0031290.

Should you be interested in an office or hotel gym, feel free to have a look at our designated pages.


We know the road to recovery isn’t an easy one. Which is why it is important to take the time to plan and invest in the right exercise equipment for your practice or organisation. We are always happy to discuss your concerns. Have a look below if you’re in need of inspiration.