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Gym Equipment Rental Service for Events

Is this you? You are the organiser of a buzzing new (sports) event, fair or festival and you are responsible for arranging 50 spinning bikes, 30 rowing machines, weights, mats… the works! Look no further, you found us.

We can provide any gym machine, fitness equipment or sports materials that you may need for your event on a rental basis. Whether you are in need of small or large quantities of gym equipment, we know that our rental service can deliver high-quality and trustworthy products – and at a very affordable price!

Where will your event take place?

Tell us when and where your event will be, and we will come and install any gym equipment or machines of your choosing. We’ll take care of the set-up at the start of your rental period before your event starts, so you can focus on running your event! Afterwards, we’ll be back to collect our gym equipment again. Simple, easy and hassle-free.

Eager to know more about our fitness rental service for events? Get in touch us and get a personalised quotation for your event within one working day or give us a direct call at 085-0031290.

Should you be interested in hotel fitness centres or office gyms as well, feel free to have a look at our designated pages.


So you are organising a fitness-related event? Awesome. Which scale are you looking at and what does your location look like? How many machines do you need? We know there is a lot to consider, so take your time and have a look below for some inspiration or get in touch to discuss your options.