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How can you give your hotel or B&B a boost? Times are tough and the hospitality business is not what it used to be. Travelers need that little extra incentive to book *your* rooms!

Have you considered adding a shiny new fitness area to your facilities? We provide a rental service for gym equipment. Whether your guests are traveling for work or leisure, a hotel gym is proving to be one of the most popular search-criteria that people select when they are planning a hotel stay.

Whether your space is large or limited, we'll make optimal use of every square meter. Our professional fitness machines are of A-quality brands, such as Star Trac, Life Fitness and Ergo-Fit. They are strong & sturdy and built for highly frequent usage - which is perfect for our rental scheme. Fitness equipment that will last!

Choose Rental.Fitness

Choosing Rental.Fitness means you will benefit from design & planning assistance for your rental gym, reliable advice, fast delivery and our specialist team that will come and install the complete hotel gym set-up for you at the start of your rental period. And should you need repairs or replacements, we are ready to assist.

Eager to know more about our fitness rental service for events? Get in touch us and get a personalized quotation for your event within one working day or give us a direct call at 085-0031290.

Should you be interested in hotel corporate event or office gyms as well, feel free to have a look at our designated pages.


Thinking about adding or renewing the gym area in your hospitality business? Getting started with planning and design can be overwhelming. Feel free to contact us anytime or browse the inspirational examples below.