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Rent a home gym

Hey you! You're doing great! Always working on a better version of yourself. And now you are looking for your very own home gym. How exciting! If you are planning to design a fully equipped exercise area in your house, we've got you covered.

Rental.Fitness makes it possible for you to have the home gym of your dreams at your very own house. Thanks to our personal and reliable rental service, you'll have access to any professional fitness equipment that you could wish for at a fraction of what you would pay if you were purchasing these machines.

Your own gym

When you place your rental order with us, our specialist team will not only deliver your gym equipment, but install everything exactly where you want it to be. When we leave, you'll have your very own gym, in the comfort of your own home! Should you ever need repairs or replacements, you can always contact us. And when our rental contract ends, we'll come and collect our machines again.

Sounds easy? It is. Contact us now to get a quote or to brainstorm about your dream home gym! Call us anytime on 085-0031290.

Please note: these machines will be brought to you from the Netherlands. We hope you understand that delivery & installation costs are calculated according to where you are located in Europe.

Are you looking for fitness equipment to add to your company gym or event? Feel free to have a look at our designated pages.



So, you want a decent fitness area in your own house. But where to start? Take the time to consider your needs and wants when it comes to your very own home gym. You may find the examples below inspirational.