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Company Gym Facility Rentals

How long are your office employees sitting down for on an average day? Sitting is the new smoking and fit employees make happy employees! Consider adding a brand-new professional gym to your organization with our rental service for fitness equipment.

Fitness facilities in the workplace will benefit your business in numerous ways. Finding and attracting new staff, for example, will become easier, as an office gym is a great employment perk! Thanks to our rental service, you will also see your company sickness numbers go down and productivity go up.

Tailor-made office gyms

Whether your available space is large or limited, we know we can provide you with a fitting solution on a rental basis. The fitness machines we work with are of top-notch quality, such as Lifefitness, StarTrac and Technogym. We'll help you design a gym that fits your organization to a tee. At the start of your rental period, we'll come and install the machines and equipment for you and on top of that, we can also provide you with suitable tailor-made fitness plans/routines.

Ready to talk about how we can add a company gym to your workspace on a rental basis? Contact us to get a quotation or if you need more information. You can reach us on 085-0031290.

Are you in need of fitness equipment for a company event or social, feel free to have a look at our designated page.


Physical and mental health in the workplace are essential to maintain & improve productivity and of course employee happiness overall! Interested in adding an office gym to your company building? The possibilities are nearly endless. Have a look at our inspiring images below: