ABOUT US - Rental.fitness

The largest rental company for high-end fitness equipment

Rental.Fitness is the largest rental company for high-end fitness equipment targeted at the business to business market in Europe. Our goal is to be able to provide any company in Europe with fitness equipment that meets their needs. We already cover more than 10 countries ourselves directly using our own drivers. The ones we don’t cover ourselves will be handled through our reliable partner network for transportation. Meaning: there will always be a solution, no matter where you are!

The world of fitness equipment is changing rapidly and we are changing alongside it. Our mission: everyone should be able to feel vital, fit & like the best version of themselves. We want to make general fitness and exercise accessible to everyone, providing top-quality fitness equipment at the best price. Thanks to our extensive range and large stock, we know we will always have a device ready to suit your individual needs, at a competitive rate and with a short delivery time.

Rental.Fitness is based in Huizen (the Netherlands), where there are more than 30 colleagues ready to help you.

Please send your questions about fitness equipment, marketing or press releases to info@rental.fitness or call +31850013290.